Whilst we're all against the claim of the Kwaio Chiefs, there is merit somehow in the matter. What needs to be done is for SIG to facilitate the pursuit of their claim with the British Govt. Is there precedence for this? Well, of course. Just this week the British Govt has agreed to review evidence of the massacre of Malaysian villagers by British soldiers in 1948. Should that evidence is strong, an official inquiry will then be commenced by the British Govt, with the possibly of compensating those families that lost loved ones. You can follow this news item on bbcworldnews.com (30 April 2009).

What a coincidence! The Kwaio (Gwe'eabe) massacre happened in 1927 but forgotten by the British Govt. The Malaysia massacre happend in 1948 and now the subject of an official review of evidence by the British Govt. So like it or not, I'm of the view that the Kwaio claim should also be afforded similar treatment as the Malaysians.