I would like to thank Mr Short for his enlightenment on the issues he was confronted with as the then Police Commissioner prior to his final departure and the then ethnic crisis. He has done what he could do best in order to curb the inevitable. It seems he has made a wise decision at that time too, that is, to step aside and allow what has happened to happen despite the calamity.

Now we have another man of honor, Bishop Tutu, who has come a long way bringing with him a message of Truth and Hope. I believe in his words of wisdom and agree with Patricia, in that his statement should be enshrined in the TRC's framework, hoping that 'no stone will go unturn'. I hope this time we will take heed of Bishop Tutu's advice and assitance with the TRC and genuinely support them by having invaluable evidences from the likes of Mr Short and many others who will help us see to the truth behind the then 'war of hatred' and only then can we surely reconcile and be loved yet again.