I would like to share my view on this controversial issue. Many writers to this page tend to hold negative views about the compensation issue because of various reasons. I believe their perceptions and reasoning on the word; "compensation" has derailed their analysis of the real intentions of Kwaio people for this matter.

Logically, when one thinks of 'compensation', a negative connotative meaning associated with money often emerges. It may be alluded to personal histories where associations to compensation was rather demanding, forceful; violating the sacredness and value of compensation to ones' cultural context. However, that is not the case here with this claim. Rather, from a connotative point of view, it is another way of seeking acknowledgement for a crime they suffered. Iam inclined with Junior Roni's view that acknowledgement is being sought here by the chiefs and people of Kwaio. Whether it be through monetary [cash]acknowledgement or developmental expressions, or just a few words like;'We're sorry' is what matters.

However, the cultural setting for such an acknowledgement is what many witers have overdetermined. Writers tend to have the view that tradional practices on compensation payments from a cultural perspective involves money and can be [excessive]. I am certain that if no monetary values are involved, there would not be a lot of fuss and discussion on the issue. Definitely, you would disagree with me because that is what Kwaio chiefs are demanding. Yet, according to their cultural context, [linguistically], that's one way of nullyfying the score in a friendly and amicable way. However, as mentioned earlier, violation of this reconcilliation process (compensation), swayed others to hold a prejudiced view on the proposed claim by Kwaio chiefs. But there are many ways to skin a cat. Many other options are available. Compensation in terms of money is but one of them.

Yet, from an alternate point of view, the Kwaio chiefs are seen to have also overdetermined the real purpose of their compensation claim by quoting figures. It seems as though they are defeating the real purpose of their claim. This is where alot of critiscisms indirectly questioned the seriousness of such a reconcilliation process.

But the fact that this compensation claim has been brought up lately does not rule out the justice deserved by both parties on a discussion table.