Whilst Gloria and her family are at liberty to make another compensation claim, one must understand that the claim made by the East Kwaio people remains a legitimate and genuine one. It was common knowledge that the prime suspect has been arrested and hanged. The massacre on the East Kwaio men, women and children after the suspect has been arrested is what what matters and the underlying point of asking this compensation. So Midweek Jani, the question here is, do you think what the Bristish Soldiers did to the innocent men, women and children was lawful? The people of Kwaio may be perceived as murderers because of past events after the Bell event. I believe the Britans atrocities after Mr. Bell's death would have been the cause for East Kwaio people being aggresive and commiting murders.

Finally I believe Gloria Bell should turn to her Uncle's former employer for compensation and not on the people of Kwaio. I still believe the people of East Kwaio deserve to be compensated. They have a case. In those days, Britan are very cruel and harsh in their approach and handling of islanders. Gone are these days, today we live in a mordern world hence whatever is hidden must come out!