I would like to commend both the National government and the Malaita provincal government for continiuing to persure the development projects on Malaita.

Infact, development is the only mechanism that we (Solomon Islands) can embark on to move this nation foreward in achieving its aspirations both socially, politically and economically.

Therefore if our leaders could reflect on the past 25 years, one would agree that most of the events that occured which resulted in bringing our nation to its knees, came about because of poor development in the other centres causing everybody to migrate to one place hence trigger all sorts of social problems.

Therefore in the case of Malaita province, if both governments are serious enough then they should go on and materialise those projects. This will then create avenues where unskilled Malaitans can find sources to meet their daily needs through seeking employments from those big undertakings such as those proposed projects.

Then hopefully this will ease the migrational dilema that is being and continued to be practised at the moment. That is unskilled youths moving to urban centres like Honiara in search for bright lights that were only dreams in reality after all.