I am an avid reader of Mr Short's many articles relating to the chain-of-events leading up to the darkest hours of the ethnic crises. If one could read between the lines, they contained letters of advice and warnings that went unheeded and were of no value to some of the corrupt political leaders back then. As a lay-person, I could only read with sadness and frustration as the culmination of the crisis furthered and what next, he was untimely terminated from his contract.

I could remember, that he left at the time when the nation needed him most, as a Commissioner of Police, a top position that's supposed to oversee the security of this so called 'sovereign' nation at that crucial hour. He went with invaluable evidence especially with the vast amount of knowledge or information that was tantamount to proof of an impending 'war'. How that decision came about be it related to foreign policy, political, financial or whatever circumstance there is; is still a mystery to me and maybe to others as well. Despite the explanations provided by the then government, the situation escalated to the joy and relief of the original 'perpertrators' of this 'war'.

I am hoping we have people like him and many other's whom I may not have mentioned, to be involved in the Truth and Reconcialition Process as observers or contributers whatever is possible. He is one of the many invaluable resource persons who would have information and who would be of utmost importance in relation to the nation's security back then and for future reference . He would be able to contribute towards determining the truth and rationales behind the then doomed 'massacre of the many innocent'. It would be baseless to have people in the TRC who would mainly have input based on 'hear-say' or 'paper-work'. We rather have a person of Mr.Short's calibre and zest in finding out the whole truth into this national problem. Nothing but the Truth, is all we need. I hope we can rally for more people like Mr.Short or is it too late?!