Dear Editor

I wish to express my humble view on the above issue. Well whilst I sympathize with my fellow Malaitans (Kwaio People), personally I think such a move is uncalled for.

The reason is because like most writers have mentioned, this issue is now part of history and to rekindle it again will only result in creating unnecessary problems and burden for this country.

Especially at a time when this country is just trying its best to unite its citizens and to make sure that the current fragile peace process is not derailed in any manner whatsoever.

Therefore I'd like to call on those responsible Kwaio leaders to rethink, I believe there are lots of other important issues that should be of paramount interest to the Kwaio people that they should persue for the national government to look at, for instance, major infrastructure developments and the long out standing poor shipping services to the Kwaio ports.

This I believe if pursued, will be of great benefit to the Kwaio people, especially those of whom these leaders represent rather than just wasting time on issues that are not of national interest rather that of only a few self minded and centered individuals.