Yes, I agree with Mr Felizua that the SICHE Management must consider the students welfare and well-being by addressing their demand to the resposnsible authority. It undersatandable and right to increase the students' allowance when look at the inflation in our country.

In the similar context but even worst than the SICHE students, here in Fiji where we (USP students) are facing difficulties with the inflation of all goods, due to the 20% devaluation of Fiji dollar, especially the basic necessary foods such as rice. We need the government to increase our allowace so that we can afford the increase of prices of foods and rental. Now the price of 10kg bag rice is about FJ$32.50 increased from FJ$18 at the end of last year.

Compare to the SICHE students who they still in our country where they can find other means of help, we USP Laucala students are in a foreign country and have no other alternatives to get help like SICHE students who can ask relatives or wantoks for help.

To make this worst we did not able to acess or see any news about the current political crisis in the country (Fiji) due to the military monitoring and control of all media companies where publication of any news about the interim government is done in approval of the militay personnels, which means any negative news about the government will not be published.

However, I hope the Solomon Island Students Association (SISA) here at USP will forward our issue to the government and hope for government to consider it and take quik actions that can help us students. We are the human resource of our country and the future leaders.