Maria and Solomon, though you are strongly arguing that the compensation claim will open door for others to do the same. But the reality is that those Kwaio leaders are here in Honiara now to negotiate it with our govt.

Sammy, your writing in Fiji and you did not follow this issue closely (you said if they claimed millions of $$). I did not hear any $$m but at least that long out standing matter is settled in a 'conducive manner'. This phrase I ussed it earlier in my writing.

Mr. Jones you asked about if Mr. Bell's relatives could get compensation too? I must honestly tell you to ask British govt who sent their relative to collect tax from those poor people. Mr. Bell as a rep of British was not innocent like those killed during the masacre. As I have said the claim was not a new thing since those days (even when SI got Independence). Saddest thing was their cries were fell in the deaf ears of the leaders those days. So do you think its a new issue?

I am afraid such ignorance could be like the case of the SI descedents in Fiji who are the remanents of the colonial legacy. Please tell me what happen to my people there now? Marata, I am not insulting our fellow malaitans with our custom as you claimed. I voiced out because of the long time wounds still pain in the Kwaio descedents of those killed or escaped the masacre. Sorry if I am wrong, then why those chiefs are here to talk about what hurts them for generations?

Sorry my fellow educated citizens who opposed my earlier letter, how you see this issue will not work out.