I read with interest the SICHE Director's comments to the SICHE students in regards to who is responsible for student allowance increase. I do not quite agree with the Director's claim that the students are targeting the wrong people. I think the SICHE management are answerable for the welfare and well-being of SICHE students. Therefore, responsible officers within the SICHE management should liase with sponsors, like the MEHRD, when students request for an increase in allowances, in good time. I gathered from a nephew who is currently in his final year in the Secondary Teaching programme, at Panatina Campus, that their representatives sent a request for an allowance increase last year to the relevant authority within SICHE, but their request was just ignored until now.

I think the SICHE students request for an increase in their allowance is genuine and should be seriously considered by the relevant authorities, given the increase on the cost of goods in shops over the last three years. For the SICHE Director to say that "SICHE is merely the students' trainer" is not correct. He must be reminded that the students that SICHE is currently training are human beings who have needs that must be met, if they are to learn effectively, and that the SICHE management is responsible for ensuring that students' needs are addressed in good time.