Dear Editor,

Andrew Radcliff is right and it's the educated people like Mr. Dennis Ifura and their leaders in Honiara who show insensitiveness and made a mockery of their own custom and sad and sensitive issue which by now should be laid to rest.

Yes, it hurts and what had happened may not be forgtotten but we got to move on and do something worthwhile to earn a living.

They knew very well the diffuclties and legal implications surrounding the issue, yet they get their chiefs to come to Honiara to talk about compensation which to me is just too far-fetch.

Dennis, those poor chiefs have far better things to do at home and for the leaders and educated elite residing in Honiara to do this to them is sad and is something you should discourage if you're serious about preserving your custom and show respect for your chiefs and elders.

It is a total waste of time and effort to try and solve an issue which leaders just want to use to score political points for next year's election or maintain their seats.

By the way, there is the International Criminal Court (ICC) dealing with such cases. So do check it out in case you want to file a legal case against Great Britain for genocide and crimes against humanity.

SIG has no money but ICC might order UK to pay billions of dollars in compensation.