I am replying to what Mr. Andrew Radcliffe said about the Kwaio compensation in this website.

Though Andrew excused himself for being insensitive towards this issue he must not push his nose in this issue. Please, though he is a lawyer. This is not the issue concerning where his biological background is, this is concerning Kwaio people and their plight.

The compensation claim was raised long, long ago (I heard that even during Sir Kenilorea's leadership term in Parliment) the one who has shown positive attitude towards these people's cries of the masacre of their innocent relatives.

Andrew, though this issue is 80 years or so ago but the wounds in the hearts of the people because of the British brutality are still fresh. What on earth can heal those wounds when there is no body to be blamed for those innocent lives lost? Then when we talk about WW2, who caused the deaths of the Solomon Islanders during the war? Solomon Islanders or foreigners?

Overall, these people have to do their part (claim compensations) because of foreign invasions which took the lives of their loved ones.

When we talk about SI Government, yes, government of the day must act like a father solving the problem of his children. If SI Govt sees itself innocent, then at its level ask the country or countries responsible to pay the compensations to Kwaio people or those their relatives killed because of WW2. I know we still have the British Embassy and the US Consulate in the country.

So don't make dry excuses, Mr. Andrew on this sensitive issue. Please stay aside and let the people resolve it in a conducive manner.