Please allow me space to comment on this current issue at SICHE. Students, your demand for the increase of your allowance from $600 to $7,000 is too much. I don't see any valid reason(s) for yor demand. You are still living in our country, accommodated and fed by our government. I mean your accommodation and food is provided by the government plus the allowance, so there is no valid reason for demanding a huge increase of allowance.

If you compare us here (USP, Suva, Fiji) we face many challenges than you people. Sometimes our landlord chase us out of their houses due to the high rental rate here where as you guys are accommodated by the school paid for by the government.

I suggest that an increase from $600 to $2,000 or $3,000 is reasonable for you guys. Don't think too much about money at the stage you're but concerntrate on your school work. For us here our allowance is about Fj$4,400 including book allowance, rental and living allowances. You can see the difference. We are in foreign land not like you guys who still in our own country where you can find other means of help.

So guys try to look at your demand and be reasonable with your demands.