Dear Editor,

The Youth in Parliament is an interesting ideology, but sadly gains little repute from many youths in Honiara and in the provinces. The problem may due to the organizers' and their stakeholders inability to clearly explain this concept to the public at large.

Till now, the overall purpose of the project has not been learnt and fully understood by many youths. It is still not clear, how the youth parliamentarians will be selected, and the criteria involved were not made public for that matter.
It is still uncertain whether the youths will come from the provinces or not, whether they will strictly be high schoolers, tertiary students, youth professionals or a mixture of these categories.

It is understood through hear say that the event is anticipated for the middle of this year.

Perhaps, initiatives of lead up activities should start now, signalling youths to raise their awareness on how important the mock parliament sitting has on us as potential leaders. It may not be productive to experience last minute arrangements.

While many of us do support the idea, perhaps it may be creative for the organizers to also get feedback from the ordinary youths who support the idea, adding on to their existing plans and strategies.

In a nutshell, getting all participants from only one or two of the categories mentioned and may not achieve a lion's share of the whole objective. We are still keen to witness the outcome of this event.