Alot of interesting information has been made regarding reserve seats for women in Solomon Islands parliament house. Solomon Islands perhaps represents a worst case scenario of poor women's representation in politics. This article share the belief many commentators out there embrace, that the place of women is culturally defined in our society. The notion that politics or public life belongs to men while women are confined to household duties are biblically and culturally enshrined.

To me I strongly believe that the current constitution is right in giving equal opportuinity for men and men to contest elections on equal footing, fairness and equality. The problems are cultural and religious believe that influenced people's mindset before casting there vote, vote for men!! Therefore, the solutions to women's problem of poor representation is not found in change of the electoral but the change of people's atttitude and perception of who to lead the country.

If electoral constitution needs to be modified for better national representaion I suggest that a strict guideline should be put in place defining acceptable criterion to qualify a person (not gender) to contest elections. Better educations, broad understanding in governance etc are good instances. This will help keep culprits, ex-convicts, ex-criminals etc.. off the door of our parliament house.