Being a mother of teenagers, I do understand the plight of our youths of today. Their needs, of course will be and should be addressed and dealt with accordingly by responsible authorities but then of course things do not turn out as expected. That's why we always need to vote for mature people who can be able to work things out. Why should be have to have a youth rep in parliament?. There is already constitutional provision for either a male or female representative to each constitution anyway. So young people if we are tired of seeing corrupt people in the higher places and we think they mostly comprise of the older generation, dont think far and make matters complicated. All that needs doing now is to vote a 'male' or a'female' of mature standing and who you think is capable of doing better than the elder generation. Prove if the 'Y' generation can beat the odds in the new wave of leadership for the new millenium and see if there will be a difference. After all, 'youth' is, 'a time of life when a person is young, especially the time when a child becomes an adult'(most dictionaries would quote). The constitution has all the provision there is, the onus is on all young adult men or women of mature age to be wary of the consequences of your decisions when voting, because parliament is not a 'play-house' it is a place of respect and honor and so should be a place where the young and the old can come together to deliberate as per their people's wishes. Hence, it will be sensible to choose wisely. It will be interesting too to see a new wave of young leadership but not necessarily having to change the constitution.