We really need more public awareness and education, well in advance, prior to the implementation of the new constitution for women reps in parliament(Hopefully there'll still be years to come!). Just for once, I still do believe the term 'reserve' simply means 'putting aside a seat'(most dictionaries will quote same), in this case, a parliamentary seat for 'women' but that it will still come with a cost.

It's not 'free' or 'handpicked' as some might think. The same like making a hotel reservation, that you still have to pay and comply to hotel regulations like every other clients. This bill would've paved a way for the former to happen. I think those ladies will still go through the same democratic processes in which their male counterparts will be confronted with. Correct me here and I will talk less. What if the media run special programs to enable brief insights about pressing issues so that we can be well informed and prepared to make wise decisions in the future come election day. Discussions like these prove that we still wish for a better Solomon Islands and as President Obama put's it, 'YES WE CAN'!