I have followed this issue with some interest.

I'm of the view that what we need is infact a complete reform of our electoral system - a total overhaul on how we vote, nominate, etc. Me taet loketa xprisioner nao!

But as to whether or not I like this proposed concept; my choice would rest on the basis that if its true, gender compostion(reasonable number of men and women) has an influence in decision making processes- a scene less forthcoming in our parliament; then I have less qualms over this proposal. To bank on evolution for the much needed changes we like to see, we'll be waiting till the cows come home!

Also, contrary to some of the implications raised so far against this proposal, the current system(FFP) is not without flaws. Our MPs, do not necessarily represent the majority support of their constituents. So there can't be much said about 'fairness,' 'the best and brightest' under FFP. Its in no way any better.