There is a big difference between a citizen's democratic right to vote and right to enter parliament as an MP.

Becoming an MP is not a birthright neither a form of any right whatsoever, which our rights groups and advocates, must distinguish clearly. Instead it is a privilege or honor to become an MP and so it is called honorable is it not?

No one in this world was born with the right to be an MP instead, we all have rights to vote, rights to education and so forth. However, becoming an MP is just a privilege. Thus, I firmly believe that allotting ten (10) free spaces for women in parliament is a pure abuse of the natural law of equilibrium.

Instead of giving 10 free rides to our women leaders, I would rather suggest that our government realistically encourage more women to contest in all levels of elections (both provincial and national) by abolishing (waiver) the current registration fee for our female candidates nationwide while, maintaining the fee for all male candidates as is still the normal/legal practice. The registration fee should only apply to male candidates. This would allow more women to contest elections both in the provincial and national levels.

Tampering with the constitution just for the sake of 10 free rides is a waste of time and a precursor for more similar rights movements in future.