Please Allow me a space to insert my view on this issue.

Firstly I hold the view that Solomon Islands as a Democratic Country goes to poll to elect their representative in Parliament.

In Solomon Islands, I observe that the society already defines the key responsibilities of women distinguished from men's. Here I see that from childhood, female kids carry stones, dolls etc. This defines them as mothers who their life in the future will be caring and carrying children. Female kids can also be seen involve in weaving of baskets, balls etc. Male kids can be seen involving in building houses using stalks and even stones or making canoes and hunting.

These kind of activities depends on where the child is raised. Their geographical location and the availability of resources.

As the children grew up, other things come in their life. Men sometimes learn to weave and sew clothes. Women helps in gardening, or even hunting/Fishing etc.

Comes Education. Women in Solomon Islands have been given the highest chances of getting Education to Higher Level than Boys. They have been given lower passing Marks to entry into Form 1, 4 and 6 or even 7. Our Society Solomon Islands design it that way. Can we say that this is fair? For men this is un fair. to be equal in number of girls to boys in School..that is fair.

Comes into Politics. Our Constitution says that as long as you turn 21 years old, you are eligible to contest in the election. Men or women, you are all eligible, as long as you turn 21 years old. There is no way women are being left out here.Again our Society designs it that way.

We have many organizations in Solomon Islands. Now we have women crying for 10 seats in Parliament. Am afraid, after the 10 seat were given to Women, Youth might ask for 5 seats, since youth represent almost half of Solomon Islands population.

I think we are all eqaully treated in our current system and we are all eligible to contest the election under our democratic System as long as we reach the age of 21. Therefore, women who want to be in Parliament, pay your fees in the upcoming Election (2010) and we battle in the playing field. Only the people will choose their representative, Not somebody who they do not elect as their representative.