Firstly I wish to acknowlege all the contributions raised by other contributers to this topic. Secondly, I would like to agree with the others that reserving seats for women is undemocratic. If women like the late Lilly Ogatina was voted into parliment or Mrs. Hilda Kari, it is evident that women can still contest for seats in parliment. What is observed as a hindrance is the use of money by some business stake holders, prominent individuals, interested organisations to put their candidates who unfortunately are mostly men. So women who wish to contest should not just give up and cry for privileges but work hard to counter such politics.

Another matter to consider also is that, women who wish to contest are always unpopular because of their own making. They only go home to contest when it is time for elections. I guess what voters wish to see is men and women who experience their hardships and not only turn up for elections. They want you to be with them in their journey to make ends meet or the little things you do for them. Therefore, it is up to women to take up the challenge on how to convience voters. Women are potential leaders and can be voted into parliment just like men.