The issue of women to participate in parliament is actually a new phenomena from my understanding especially in Solomon islands. Historically, Solomon Islands had adopted the 'Big Man' system not 'Big Women' system especially in Melanesian society's traditional leadership system. Thus, in general, from history only Men took up leadership roles from traditional societies to the introduction western system. This system of 'Big man' was well established and rooted in our society and it becomes part of our culture and its some thing that we hardly change overnight. We are not also intending to lose our unique identity.

One thing we should consider is that democracy is a western system introduced by former colonies. Thus we are adopting sort of compromise democracy where western and traditional values are taking into consideration. And our mentality of thinking towards our culture practices deeply rooted within us and we cannot change it overnight. Our societies are gradually goes through changes and may be our mentality of thinking towards women perhaps can be change in the future and probably more women will won seats in parliament.

As others had argued women should alongside with men as a fair democratic process. And women had to prove themselves in order to win. We just cannot elect women into parliament just because they are women. Remember we need leaders who have strong determination and have the ability for developing our country and protect our sovereignty. Thus all contesting candidates both men and women should have in mind such mentality of thinking if they have to contest.