Dear Editor,

One interesting thing I realised when reading some people's views on the subject in this editorial is the lack of proper planning especially from the Ministry of Education, SICHE Board in particular in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture before the initiative was executed. It is not so surprising to realise the fact that the proper processes and codes of selection that should have been followed were ignored in the process. The approach which have been taken by the Ministry of Education that allows other ministries and institutions to directly involve in the running of education programs/courses at SICHE and even during the processes prior to the incorporation of such courses into SICHE or the Ministry of Education's tertiary sector makes the system quite highly vulnerable to administrative flaws. And I think, that partially derails our already flawful education system. As the recent controversy over the selection as we've been talking about suggests, some of the formal administrative procedures that SICHE should follow had given no effect to the outcome. And this indeed makes it quite hard for some of us to place an absolute trust in how our education system operates and its legitimacy.