I invite you to pay us a visit online to see what kind of organisation we are.

Obviously we are just students but I think a lot of times we are not that well known especailly when it comes to issues to do Solomon students studying here in Fiji.

The director of the National Training Unit, NTU, a couple of weeks ago paid us a visit to talk over some matters concerning our scholarships but only the meeting with the USP students was covered in the news.

Such makings made me feel that we are not that popular among our people ( and I might be wrong) thats why I am sending out this invitation to any interested wantoks out there who would like to know more about us to visit us online.

We have a blog which carries news and pictures of some of the happenings on the various campuses that we are studying at here in Fiji and you can read and see more by logging on to this link http://simsaonline.blogspot.com.

Thank you very much.

Harold Iroasi Maesulia
For SIMSA Online