Dear Editor,

We note that three countributors to this discussion disagreed on word "lousy" as used in our contribution. For this, we must apologize for the inappropriate "choice" of word on our part. However, given that written and spoken english is not our first language and after carefully studying the meaning of "lousy" (from the latest version of the Oxford Dictionary), we felt that the word "lousy" is appropriate and best describes the general perception that SICHE students have towards some of our local lecturers; not only in tourism, but in other programs as well. One has to enroll in or actually become a SICHE student in order to understand where we had come from in the context of "choosing" the word "lousy".

We find Oliga's assertion that "if a student has a negative perception of the teacher, then he or she blocks her self from learning" quite fascinating. Thus, in addition to his assertion, we would like to suggest that teachers too can lose their intergrity once students have negative perception of them. We find other points raised by Irene and Patricia more of a concern to school administrators than to students.

Thank you all!