I read with a heavy heart, the article by Gina Maka'a on the plight of Solomon Island Artists. It is a great pity that the former government chose to ignore the value, and contribution of our artists and how important art in its many forms is to the cultural heritage of our country.

I have to wonder, when the govenment sold the former National Art Gallery, where the collection of valuable customary art and artifacts went to, the 8 beautiful Rosewood Panels that the carvers spent many hours painstakingly creating, and many other peices collected over time; Where are they now, sitting in a corner in the Museum, decaying? Artists in Solomons have long been struggling for a venue which would showcase their unique, customary and contemporary expression.

To the government of the day, recognise the importance of art in its many forms, recognise the importance of our artists, for they are the future "storytellers" of this nation and its people.