I would like to thank those who have shared their views on the above discussion. Whatever lenses you have perceived through, I for one have seen great value in your views, not only to address the above topic but also in a wider scope. Unfortunately I do not have the space and time to share my thoughts on the above specific topic. However, in general, I incline to think that from the different views already shared in this discussion (those who have followed this on line discussion) lecturers and teachers, students and pupils, SICHE and the public at large may have come to realize the complexity of human endeavours, let alone formal education for human beings.

With such complexity, I think one of the significant strategic steps to address issues with education for human beings is to gather different views from various stakeholders. Hence, I see this discussion as one of such opportunities from which various perspectives are emphasized and realized for better understanding and consideration. I wish to think that the stakeholders, especially the appropriate bodies to whom such issue is of consideration to cultivate from various views and others more to come up with better understanding in addressing such issue not only for tourism education, but all the other subjects offered at SICHE. This is not an easy task, but valuing collective perceptions and collaboratively addressing issues pertaining to education, will to some extent develop comprehensive understanding and sustainable improvement in education. Sounds like bottom up approach.