Dear Editor

Thank you Malaii for your comments. I understand SICHE has formal procedures to follow when selecting their lecturers. They (lecturers) have to be qualified in their fields, have some teaching experience in tertiary institutions and so forth. Correct me if I'm wrong my good ladies Patricia and Irene. However, in this case no advertisement was sent out, nor was there any screening of the lecturers as they were basically hand picked by the Project manager who happens to be the Deputy Director of Tourism. These are Public servants with no experience in teaching at all! It is one thing to have a degree and another to deliver...which brings me to these questions; Does it mean that the Ministry of Tourism have all the right to appoint lecturers simply because they fund the course? Doesn't the School of Finance or SICHE as a whole have a say in the selection and recruitment process? Obviously not since the HOS Finance is still confused and wondering as to when he's going to sight the actual Course Outline for the Tourism course.

Given this situation, it sets a precedence for future Govt Ministries to put in their own officers or administrators to teach any subject at SICHE whether it be Agriculture, Marine studies, Finance, etc. As long as it is funded by that Ministry. What about the credibility and output of delivery? Just some food for thought...I rest my case.