I would like to make some comments further to what some contributors have raised under the above subject, particularly on the issue of Lecturers'/Teachers' lacking passion in their work.

However I will shift the focus from the recruitment process to looking at some reasons why there is lack of passion (as alledged) in some SI lecturers or for anyone worker for that matter.

First, passion has a direct link with a person's interest. Therefore if a person has no interest in what s/he are does, we cannot expect that person to do a quality work despite his/her qualification. Generally in the case of SI, I can safely say that people are taking up jobs not because they are interested (motivated intrinsically) in the work. Rather they do so because of the external reward - i.e to earn some $$.

The above raises the issue whether SI govt, through the MEHRD, is training the right people for the right jobs. As far as the criteria for tertiary training is concerned, a person's interest is not a factor to be taken into account for training. Therefore I am not surprise if people say that SI-ders do not have passion in their work.

I think there is some quality output from hiring a person who does work with interest & passion and one that does it for mere earning.

Whoever gets the job (whether expat or local) should not be an issue because that does not serve the interest of students.

iu fala moa