The discussion is interesting especially when some contributors are in favour of the idea of recruiting foreign lecturers. I know that the curriculum for this program had been set by one of our locals and other expertriates who are based in one of the renown universities of the oceania. That means, they have the expertise to teach and kick start the program as it needs careful nurturing and foregn nourishment to allow the program to be popular and grow in the country. Tourism program is not only about chalk and board and classroom work. It exends beyond that and this needs experts to establish networks and create relationship with the service industry of Solomon Islands. I am not saying that our Toursm graduates cannot perform this responsibility but we need big weights in this undertaking.

On the other hand, a question that I want us to look at is whether the "working and living climate" of Honiara and SICHE is enticing and encouraging for foreign people to come, live and work. The metaphor climate is used to inlcude features like, security, peace, renumeration packages and their entire well being. These are just few but among many other things that they might want in their stay in SI.Can our present community in SICHE provide them with comfort, peace and a lucrative package.