I've read with much interest on the discussion about the above issue. All views are valid and have strong supportive ideas.

First, from my point of view I think it is important take also take the students' view on such important issues as learning should also be student centered. Thus I agree on Victoria's view of having foreign Lecturers in which in her view have the passion to teach and the students want to learn more from them which she pointed out having the quality which they as a student need.

Second, I think giving locals a chance in those areas provided only that they have met the requirements considering especially Education and the specified field is also are very good idea.

Third, looking at many locals now lecturing at different regional universities around the region many have been lecturers in college themselves before moving on abroad to use the qualities they have proven in SICHE to help other students around the world.

Therefore, the point I want to stress here is that whilst teachers lacking quality and passion are depriving the students' right to learn do you think giving foreigners preference than locals provided that they have the same qualifications, quality and passion is also hindering the development of the human resources of our nation. Remember teaching is a two way process where you learn as you teach and the criticism is which teachers need from students to help improve their qualities.

Something to think about.