Paulsen, there are many things. However, because of space limitation, we will only mention one. We find their presentations far-reaching, intellectually stimulating, and application-oriented. In particular, they go into detail (and backed their presentation with statistics) on how other countries have developed their plans and turned tourism as an engine of growth for their country. In addition, they linked their courses (which in this case is tourism) with other sectors of the economy, and challenged our young minds to think about or do our courses from the macro standpoint. We like this approach because it helps to broaden our horizon. In short, what they offer on table is richer, deeper, and captivating. By contrast, our locals (off course they are good) tend to focus more on teaching us theories from the textbooks. We are just covering theories in the textbooks and nothing extra. Thus, reading textbooks are synonymous to being absent from lectures (as you wont miss anything if you are absent from lectures); whereas missing an expat's lecture means losing out on tons and tons of knowledge in the context of facilities we have in SICHE. We will elaborate some more later. A contributor from Auki made some valid points as well. Please read his letter.