Any Solomon Islander would agree that giving away jobs that local people are eligible to do to foreigners is not acceptable and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism perhaps knew that very well in the process of that selection.

If it is a matter of eligibility in general that counts for anybody to take up the job, then most of us would likely to share the view that the Ministry's decision is somewhat unjust. The implication of that view is however problematic. It raises the issue of discrimination and prejudice against 'other' people. And this is the impression I got from other people's view on this subject. It is good to be critical of our authority's decisions, but I suppose our judgement should be rational.

The idea that expatriates are better than our local people should be considered carefully. Am sure the Ministry does not decide on the fact that the RAMSI personal is an Australian or foreigner. And I think it would be gross to assume thats what happened. A propper code for selection might have been followed. And eligibility itself is not the only criteria that underpin the Ministry's decision. The ministry knows that the tourism program at SICHE is a new area of study being incoporated into our tertiary education sector and am sure higher technical support and expertise is needed to bolster that iniative. In saying this, I do not assert that I have any knowledge of the background of that RAMSI personel. But am sure the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and SICHE board have considered that in great detail.