Dear Editor,

Thanks Frank Bilau for your latest posting on the abovementioned topic.

While I have no data to furnish you in relation to government expenditure on addressing adversities reulting from the Kukum Market, the health risks posed on civilian lives since the establishment of betelnut huts at the market is overwhelming. Human waste, rubbish, etc is everywhere especially at the eastern end of Kukum field and beside the road. The air and surrounding environment stinks during hot weather.

This is exceptionally fertile and breeding ground for diseases and I have no doubt that there are so many ordinary people out there that get sick as a result of continuos exposure to the Kukum Market environment. And what benefit do you think belenut chewing generates? 1000% nothing other than cancer.

I travel to Solomon Islands regularly and its scary, at the same time saddening to learn of the alarming rate of people dying with cancer.

I could go on Frank but I don't want to waste my time commenting on an issue which any person in his or her right mind could sense that it's indeed health risks.

Yes, I feel for our people out there who do not have the opportunity to come to Sydney to experience the life out here. But as a SOlomon Islander, I prefer living in the Provinces especially in the rural areas. There are a whole lot of opportunities out there from which income can be generated.

I was in North Malaita spending Christmas with my family last year and I tell you brother, people in the village have MONEY; coming especially from cocoa, copra, vegetables, root crops, and the list goes on. Most live in permanent houses far better than the huts at Kukum Market. Life is simple and less stressful. WHAT A LIFE! And for me Frank, if I have nothing to do in Honiara, I will definitely go home.

I rest my case here, but the point is why travelling to Honiara to look for income generating opportunities while you have those at your door-step back home? SO IF LIFE HARD LO HONIARA, GO HOME! Potatoe, cassava, cabbage, fish, everything free nomoa. Children still look healthy and still go lo school. NO DRAMAS!