Dear Editor,

Nancy Mae from Sydney, here we are talking about Kukum Market, therefore, the adversities and pressure the entire population exerts on the economy shouldn't be comparable. For this reason, I don't think Kukum Market exert mounting pressure on the entire economy of Solomon Islands.

No body disputes the fact that it's the primary obligation of any responsible government to provide the basic services expected of them for its citizens. Therefore, whether Kukum market is there or not, the people there still can be provided with the services from the government.

And Nancy Mae for your information I have no problem what so ever understanding the pressure some social activities from the societies exert on the economy.
However, Nancy Mae, I will still maintain my argument unless you provide me with data showing the extra dollar figures the government spends just because of the negative impacts since the establishment of Kukum Market, otherwise the services the people of Kukum Market received from the government is just a normal government's spending towards its citizens and what all citizens are entitled to including those at Kukum Market.

Nancy Mae, I hope you aware and understand the enormity and the challenges the ordinary people of Solomon Islands are facing each day in sustaining their personal and family's needs and wants, while I myself applauded the government of the day for providing free education, it must also be noted that school fees is just one of the numerous challenges the ordinary Solomon Islanders are facing. Needless to say food, clothes, kerosene, soap, salt and you name it, and worse still is the sky rocket of the prices of goods that go beyond what ordinary Solomon Islanders can earn at the village level to sustain their families, therefore, in order for them to cope with the challenges of their family needs, wants and modernization they have to do some small economic activities. That's why you seeing them at Kukum Market, White river Market, and similar marketing areas.

Nancy Mae now you are sitting comfortably in Sydney and enjoying partly the luxury of life which the people of Kukum Market are too far from, and imagine if your level is just like one those ordinary people at Kukum Market, how would you react to this issue, would you go HOME NOMOA NAO? Or you nao bae main spoke woman?

My contribution to this issue is not because I want to defend Harol and those at Kukum Market, not at all, I contribute to this issue just for two reasons, questioning Ambrose's view on this issue mainly in it's relation to the economy, and voicing out some normative statements to the responsible authorities about this issue since it involves human beings.

After all, we are all powerless when it comes to the final decision in determining the future of Kukum Market.