To whom it may concern, I have just read on the internet that the ban on the export of live dolphins from the solomons may be in danger of being lifted. This news is so monumentaly sad and i do implore you the people of the solomons and your prime minister to keep the ban on live dolphin exports or any dolphin exports in place and do not allow these beautifull creatures to be caught and sold off to the highest bidder. Dolphins are a essential part of your culture and ecology, not only of your islands but the whole planet. A friend of mine who lives in australia now is from the solomons and he said that he felt very dissapointed that this ban may not stay in place and he felt that if the ban was removed he would feel his people had forgotten their ancestral heritage and the importance of the balance between the oceans and the land. Remember your heritage remember your cultural wisdoms and ways and remember the balance of all things in your homeland. keep this ban in place and stop people who dont respect your heritage your land and your culture taking from you an essential part of the balance of your lives,the dolphins!. Would you sell your heritage for money your pride and the memory of your fathers for a few hundred dollars? and what is left when your oceans are empty and the money is spent, nothing but dead water on sand and the sound of your grandmothers and grandfathers tears carried on the wind through trees that no longer sing with laughter. you are a proud people strong and true remember who you are and where you came from, remember the balance and the ways of your fathers. say no to those would buy off your heritage and cast you aside, Keep the ban on all dolphin exports in place and remain a proud and strong nation. next time i visit the solomons i would like to see the smiles i remember not weeping faces tears falling on the shore for not hearing the beautifull laughter of dolphins in the water. To the people of the solomons and your prime minister, Regards and respects. Jon