I have been reading all the views of different writers with regard to the Tourism study at SICHE.

As has been pointed by Joyce that it's time to utilize our locals with relevant qualifications to be lecturers in tourism, I think Joyce is a kind of person who has confidence in our local capacity to take up that job. However, Victoria as rightly said students need quality teaching but she forgot to avoid the attitude of 'foreigners always better than' our poor locals to take up such jobs.

What Victoria should know is the fact that nationality doesn't matter, whether a foreigner or local with such caliber to teach tourism at SICHE still our students will have quality education. I must honestly tell you in USP and other universities some of the local students have performed very well in this field. We have some with Degrees and even Masters in tourism related fields. But we lack of putting our confidence in them or to support them in the tourism industry- this is sad my friends.

Time is right for our country to re-look at this issue.