Dear Editor,

It's surprising to see that Mr. Frank Bilau from Taipei failed miserably to perceive that Kukum Market is indeed detrimental to the economy.

Frank, you don't have to be a rocket scientist or something to see the link between the negative impacts of the market and the pressure it exerts on the economy. People get sick with cancer, diarrhoea,you name the list and money is needed to pay for medication/treatment and keeping them at the hospitals/clinics. Where do you think this money will come from?...pocket blo govman blo SI. Environment is polluted and cleaning the "rubbish dump" around the market needs money and who do you think responsible for this? If gavman then again bae from pocket blo hem moa ia. You can come up with as many examples as you like. Indeed, the negative impacts far-outweigh the contribution the market has towards the economy and I fully-agree with Mr. Ambrose Malefoasi.

And the excuse for school fees, there is now a free education policy back home so children can go to school for free up to secondary school. Yes, there is an annual contribution for parents and guardians to pay but it's reasonable. If one can't even afford hundred dollars in Honiara, then GO HOME NOMOA. There are schools everywhere in the Provinces too.