Dear Editor,

Allow me to share some of my views on the above topic. I understand the frustration and sentiments expressed by my friend Joyce Maetoloa.

Indeed it is a frustrating sight to see an expatriate being chosen over a qualified local person. Again this brings back the old-fashioned mentality that 'they' do it better that us (locals).

On the other hand I refuse to allow my 'patriotic' feelings to blur my judgment. As one of the writers pointed out, as a student she preferred to be taught by expatriates. Her sole reason is that because their methods of teaching are 'unique'. I guess what she is trying to say is that she can understand them better than our local comrades. This showed that our own students have difficulties to understand local trainers, this is highlighted in the writer choice of trainers.

This raises the issue of our teaching qualities. Yes, we are qualified in those areas; in this case Alexandria Hilly has a qualification in Hospitality studies. However teaching it is a totally different area from practicing it. I guess her name must have been raised before the SICHE selection committee. SICHE as a learning institution need someone with experience who can relate information clearly to their students - that would be a possible reason for their selection.

As a Solomon Islander I have the same sentiments as Joyce, but in reality, we need to improve our standards. We cannot rely all the time on our qualifications; we have to show that we too can stand at the same level as foreigners. The underlining point is that we need to step up in terms of quality performance. Otherwise we will always cry foul when we are side-stepped by our very own institutions.