Thank you to Harry Kwow for proving the links to information pertaining to KelvynAlp and Pheonix International. While every information provided on the internet cannot be taken on face value, this in itself underlines a reason for the government to further scrutinise Pheonix International and its shareholders. We are not saying that Kelvyn Alp and Pheonix International are guilty of any offense. Far from it. What is important is that this deal is given a rigous scrutiny and this begins with a detailed background check of the company and its shareholders.

A few years ago, an Investor came to Fiji and made a deal with the Fijian Landownes promising to bring in FJD$6 billion dollars into the economy for the use of their land and anything in it. What the Fijian Chiefs did not realise was that the FJD$6 billion itself was not good for a small economy like Fiji! Nothing came out of the proposal because it was a bogus deal. What I am trying to emphasis is that any investor that wishes to invest in Solomon Islands must be for the benefit of the country and its people.

I see that the Kelvyn Alp has also given his side of the story in the media. It is only fair that he does so. I have no personal qualms with Mr Alp. If he is a genuine investor and his company has passe the rigorous scrutiny then, he can be accepted in our country. It is because of the importance of the mining sector to Solomon Islands that Kagovai, being a Solomon Islander, has come out strongly in the media to call for a further scrutiny of the issuing of the license. I do not see him having any personal interest in the matter other than being a Solomon Islander.

Lets hope that other concerned Solomon Islanders can also contribute to this discussion.