Now its good to have Mr. Dennis Adonis writing in his true being. Mr. Adonis implied that we have a personal conflict about the university of Honiara issue. Honestly speaking there is no such conflict. Mr. Adonis might have confused himself with the tone of my writing to him. In fact I was asking him the very simple question. Who gave you the right and mandate to use the word Honiara attached to your university? Second, can you prove to me that your university is internationally recognized and if yes then who did accredit your university? These questions are important for our ministry to know first before we can process his application. He never did answer me but threaten to teach me a lesson. And his lesson is, making up unfounded stories about me and posted in his 2012 webpage. He urged people to see that piece of article. It was his own intention to teach me a lesson simply for asking those information. I was surprise by his reactions. I reported this to my superior and he is not happy either with his attitude. In his own writing, he told me if I wanted some online demonstrations. He told me that he control the whole of the Western Pacific network through his computer company intelsoft. He can do whatever he liked on the web. My conscience tell me that this man must be dangerous as he will pursue his agenda without fail. Then came the biggest shock. His agent wrote to an online news organization stating that I was asking for money from him. What a joke! I don't know this fella and yet I am accused of asking money from him. What a selfish mind I told myself. Then I realize that this man is campaigning on character assassination. The truth is Mr. Dennis Adonis did not want to disclose information that would have exposed his true intention to establish an online university of Honiara. At one stage he even told me that he will seek an order from the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands to sack me as I was some kind of idiot public servant. I presumed that he had some connection in Solomon Islands who were ready to promote and defended his idea. He was over reacting even telling me to step down from my work. He even told me that people from Solomon Islands need good English lessons. From there I came to question this man mental capability and wonder if this man is insane. Mr. Dennis Adonis is most welcomed to invest in Solomon Islands provided that he fulfill what Solomon Islands investment laws require. In his case I doubt it. His investment plan looks cool but in actual fact Solomon Islands cannot benefit from it. In fact he is trying to get accreditation recognition from Solomon Islands because he couldn't get from New Zealand under the title " university of Honiara". Very simple to capture his imaginations. So what does the Government of Solomon Islands says... Application rejected. I wish all the best for Mr. Dennis Adonis in his future investment plans in Solomon Islands. You can invest in our fisheries, agriculture, forestry or other sectors but not the online university. And we will seek advice if this fella can still use the word Honiara attached to his university. From what he told me, he will continue to use it anywhere around the globe despite the rejection of his application. Thank you other contributors for your input to this debate. I regret that we have to go online debating this issue but had Mr. Adonis refrain from his pride and self ego, this issue would have been resolved at the most discrete manner. Because he thinks he controls the internet as implied in his writing to me, he instigated an online debate. Let me inform you all that since his application has been rejected, this issue is now non important for me to discuss anymore. But I will still maintain that he ceases from using the name " University of Honiara".