Dear Editor,

Whilst working together, for gathering information with Institutions like Earth Island may be important, as asserted by Pakipota, fairness should be done here when it comes to campaigning against dolphin trade. As Jack Lako has stated, why not campaigning against Dubai or Australia for commercialization of dolphins at Sea World? Good on you Jack, I like it!

If you care and serious about protecting and conserving dolphins in their habitat, then the State of QLD or Australia must be in serious breach of that. But why sitting down so quiet and bark loud when it comes to small and under develop countries like SI and even threatened to stop the exporting of tuna into European markets? I don't get it.

I rest my case, but fairness should be exercised at the highest level here. And if you don't show any single cent and put food on the table for any ordinary Solomon Islander, then you should think again.