Re: Andrew Tika's Editorial.

Andrew, you didn't even make any clarification in your posting but to tell you the truth, I indeed know what Iam talking about. There are legal arrangements established my friend between SIG, Exporter and Buyer of dolphins and these are guided by SI's obligations under CITES and other international arrangements pertaining to wildlife and endangered species. As you rightly said, this is a sensitive issue. Therefore your call for proper research should be done by you and your fellow critics.

Don't sit down in front of your computer in New York and think that SI should accept your ideas. No way!!! This is what is terribly wrong with outsiders. They think that they know and can do better than Solomon Islanders and whenever we don't fall inline with their thinking and perceptions, they regard us as "being brainwashed."

I believe SIG, Exporter and Buyer knows what they are doing so leave this issue to them to deal with it. Stop wasting your time on campaigning?