Solomon Islanders need to know that the Nigerian Scam International is been around for a while. This international organization is made up of scam artists from mostly Nigerians. They are experts in computer hacking and identity theft: they earned their living by crooking people from all over the world by Lottery Money (random email lottery), Investment deals (10%/20%), Online schools, Scholarships, and many more!
These Nigerians are very good in covering up their tracks, but often times busted. They would write to you from UK, Germany, Japan, China, France, Sierra Leon, South Africa, etc. but man ya rait kam long Nigeria nomoa!
Last year (2007) I received a job offer to be a sales agent in US. He wrote under a Chinese name.
I told him that I could only work for him if a contract is been signed. He agreed and sent me one; it wasn't a very Business looking one, but I signed it cos I wanted to know his true motive was.
He directed me to his contact in Quebec, Canada, and instructed me that he was going to ship equipments to Canada and wanted me to collect a check for him.
A day later, someone called from Quebec with a "forced" French accent, and told me that he already sent the check. A few days later, the check arrived and it was $28,000+ with an instruction to deposit the amount into my bank account "instantly!"
Following day I got a call from supposedly China. The caller asked if I got the money. He then told me to deposit the money in the bank and TT or transfer it to his account in China. While we were talking I recognized the accent, it was an African accent, but he was trying to speak with a Chinese accent. I asked where he was calling and he said he was calling from Beijing.
After I hanged up, I google the name of the company that appeared on the check. Not surprisingly, the names, the phone numbers, and the signatures were not matched. I then emailed the CEO of the company and Bank they immediately asked for the copy of the check and the phone numbers. I forwarded them everything, and Mr. Shao never called again.
This just an example of how complex the Nigerian scam is.
Plus, all Online universities ought to be accredited by known or recognized organizations or Associations. Online schools have their accreditation listed on their websites. Mi wanda nomoa wat kaen pipol nao graduate long Uni-of Honiara! haha.

Thanks for info.