RE: Nancy Mae's Editoriol.

I just want to clarify somethinting here. Ms. Mae do you know what you are talking about or have you been brainwashed just like any other Solomon Islanders.

Just asking thats all. I hope every individual would come into light and see what the pros and cons the "exporting of dolphins" has on Solomon Islands as a whole.

Please, fellow wantoks, know what you are talking about and do a proper research before speculating on this sensetive topics.

With a last note, if we encoursage the conserevation of dolphins in the Solomon Isalnds, why do we need to export them? Let the SIG and NOG oganisations with our fellow brothers and sisters who have valid information on this subjects to come forth and bring light to this issue.

May we work togather in conseving our heritage and productivity in the name of "Developing Solomon Islands"