To you all the critics of dolphin trade in the Solomons, I would suggest you look thoroughly through the established arrangements between SIG and the Exporter and whether or not SI breaches its international obligations under CITES and other international instruments safeguarding and protecting the endangered species before barking out loud.

If you don't know much, then you should mind your own business and concentrate on campaigning against the happenings in your own countries. You have a whole lot of issues out there to deal with, so tell your governments to abstain and stop.

Every year several hundreds of dolphins are killed in Malaita and some parts of the Solomons and is still in abundance, not even near extinction.

Which is more serious, exporting 10 or so live dolphins or killing several hundreds every year? If the exported dolphins are kept alive in an acquarium or something where they are well-looked after, would that pose any threat to dolphin extinction?

If they are kept alive and used for shows as what we've seen at the Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia what is so wrong about that?

With the foregoing, are you concern about the extinction of the animal here or trade? I guess the former is more important and trading won't change the number of dolphins exist in the world today cos they are kept alive.

I would recommend you people make a trip to Dubai and see for yourselves the Solomon Islands dolphins there.