The University of Honiara is one of many fine examples of cyber universities which fall under the regulators radar. Simple questions need to be asked to determine the bona fides of this organisation. The first is, 'From which jurisdiction does the University of Honiara obtain its degree granting authority?' If it is merely a business name, incorporated in some country which does not regulate the word 'university', then it is a non-official institution and consumers should be aware of this fact. Furthermore, if it is operated from New Zeleand, then it is breach of local regulations in that country. In actual fact, the domain name is owned by Caricom elearning Institute, and registered in Anguilla. Does the Anguilla Ministry of Education care, or even regulate cyber universities? A cursory glance at the website located at suggests this this small Carribean country may not even have any higher education institutions. The claims this institution makes are concerning. Caveat Emptor.