Regarding to the reguest by SIFF and the Organising committee of the match between KOLOALE FC (our O-League rep) and the Fiji giant Ba FC to the supporters to come in numbers on 28th March to support our Rep, I just want to say that it is quite difficult for may people to come and support our rep. I said this because the charge the Organising Committee and SIFF put for the enterance fee is quite hard for most people to afford.

If you recall back to the return match between KOSSA and Waitakere in New Zealand last year, you can see that Waitakere have used some forms of incentives that motivated people to go and watched the match. For example, about the first 20 or so people have entered free into the gate and childrens were free during that match.

How do you expect more people to come and support our rep when you charge higher entrance fee. If I am in Solomon during that day, I am one of the people that will not come and watch the game, even though I support Koloale, because I always like to go and watch game with my friends and we'll not be able to afford the entrence fee.

In order to have a huge crowd at Lawson Tama to support our rep the Organising committee and SIFF should do some incentives to motive people to come to the field or they should charged cheaper enterance fee so that people can afford.

To you people (SIFF) try to do other things to improve soccer standard in our country rather than just thing about gainng money soccer of our country.