I would say i have been 'born n bred' in Kukum well into my young adulthood days. Kukum used to be a wonderful one-stop shopping haven and a beautiful suburb one would ever want to live in. The conveniency, and the cleanliness it once boasts of will never be possible again. I believe it can be possible if we have healthy social policies!!. Here we are dealing with humans and livelihoods whatever you want to call. The onus will be upon HCC and the potential investors of these once beautiful place to discuss on the round-table. If HCC or whichever responsible ministry has the ultimatum to decide on the future of Kukum market, why the delay? Please ensure what's been discussed over the table doesnt go 'under the table'!. Can HCC be transparent on it's decisions because it's impact will fully affect the surrounding neighborhood and the lovely innocent residents of Kukum surburbia!!. Hence think about the social impact to your decision. For example, just one glance at the mountain of decay, rubbish, overcrowding etc,will already envision a multi-million worth of dollars that will be needed to combat diseases, and other adverse effects in the not so far future. Can something be done now. Oh and how i miss and reminisce about the regular monthly visits of active health inspectors and our lovely late 'Kobita' who usually accompanies them to every single home-visits. Not anymore!! Concerned citizen.