Dear Editor,
From the occurance of the tsunami in the Western Solomons to the floods in Guadalcanal, natural disasters are causing havoc and suffering, people loose their loved ones, their homes, food gardens, and their lives that they have built for years. To be honest I cannot truly feel the suffering they have to go through. Just when they see no hope another issue arises, I call it ND lies. These people were promised by responsible authorities relief supplies and aid, however most have not even recieved it from the day that their lives vanished in front of their eyes. Some of the tsunami victims are still living in suspense, and recently the flood victims of Guadalcanal are still waiting for their promised and again I say promised assistance. To me all of this is heartbreaking especially when the victims have not yet overcome there sadness, to me this is double suffering. I respect and give credit to those who have worked their guts out to try and help the victims, your work will not go unnoticed, but to those who take this for granted and show bad administration and responsibility, you should be ashamed of yourself. With that I rest my case.